• Our Vision

    Forging a first-class commercial aerospace enterprise in the world

  • Our Mission

    Land Your Dream In Space

  • Core Value

    Integrity, openness, innovation, passion

Landspace Technology Corporation Ltd. (Landspace) is a leading company in China specialized in the development and operation of space transportation systems. Established in 2015, the company is a national hi-tech enterprise and member of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF). Following the national strategies, Landspace is a market-oriented enterprise engaged in medium- and large-sized launch vehicles propelled by liquid oxygen and methane, providing cost-effective and reliable launching services to clients around the world.

Seeking integration and intelligence in R&D, Landspace secures design, manufacture, test, and delivery by leveraging its competency in innovation and professionals for a world-class aerospace company.

As China’s first private launch vehicle maker granted full launch permits, Landspace conducted the first orbital launch by a Chinese private company on October 27, 2018.

Core Products


ZQ-2, a medium-scale and low-cost commercial launch vehicle system, is independently developed by LandSpace with independent intellectual property rights.

Tianque(TQ) 80t Thrust -Level LRE

Phoenix 10t Thrust- Level LRE

Strategic Layout

Two Centers & One Base
  • Beijing R&D Center

    As Land Space’s headquarter, Beijing R&D Center is located in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone in E-town, also serves as the main office for launch vehicle system design team, new-propulsion system development team and the corporation’s operational team. It is mainly targeted in the technical fields of launch vehicle system-level design and the new-propulsion system development.

  • LRE Team

    Focusing on the new-type LRE development, the LRE Team covers the complete range of technical specialties in the LRE cold/hot firing test-run, and can meet all the professional test requirements during the overall LRE development process; core team members with 10 to 40 years’ LRE relevant R&D experience.

  • Launch Vehicle System Team

    Focusing on the launch vehicle system R&D, capable of complete system development and its corresponding condition assurance, the team covers a full range of technical specialties in the launcher development, including the system-level design, trajectory, aerodynamics, load analysis, mechanical environment, separation mechanism, structure, propellant tank, electrical, GNC, attitude control, simulation, software, propulsion and pressurized delivery, cryogenic propellant loading, ground-test and launch control and so on, which can meet the overall requirements for launcher design, development and system engineering.

  • Xi’an R&D Center

    Located at the High and New Tech Development Zone in Xi’an city, it is targeted in the R&D of electrical products and conventional rocket engines, covering its overall related specialties, including the system design and assembly, thrust chamber, turbo-pump, automatics, sealing and so on, capable of large-scale main engine development, as well as Attitude and Orbit Control Propulsion System R&D, undertaking the R&D of Land Space’s conventional-propellant LRE and relevant key products.

  • Huzhou Intelligent Manufacture Base

    As the LRE manufacture and launcher system AIT factory, it is composed of full-scale hot-run firing test platforms for LREs, LRE assemble line, launcher system AIT line, and can implement the assembly and test for all subsystems of the launch vehicle, as well as the development and manufacture for other key products. By means of the advanced information and practical physical network system, five major functions -- calculation, communication, precision control, remote coordination, and manufacture autonomy could be realized; all data related to design, development and production in the manufacture process can be collected and analyzed by sensors; in this way, an intelligent manufacture system with autonomous operation can be constructed, so as to further improve the quality and efficiency management comprehensively.


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